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In order to deliver excellence to our customers we are transforming the way we work with suppliers to create a culture of quality and innovation.

The on-going changes that we are making to our supply chain include reducing the number of suppliers so that we focus on best-in-class. Carillion is also streamlining web-based processes for accreditation and invoicing, and working to continually develop the supply chain team.

We encourage suppliers to work with us in making tomorrow a better place.

Carillion Construction Services MD Adam Green explains more about how we work collaboratively with our suppliers:

We look for a proven track record in the following areas:

We work with suppliers who support our Values.

Sustainable procurement
We look for suppliers whose sustainable business practices will help us reach our 2020 sustainability targets.

Health & Safety
Given our goal of zero reportable accidents, we encourage contractors and sub-contractors to report 'Don't Walk Bys' and implement 'Target Zero' into their own working practices.

Value Creation
In order to promote the future growth of our business we engage with suppliers who are able to assist us in creating additional value through innovation and cost savings.