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Supply Chain Case Studies

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Case study: Supplying catering products.

  • Innovation: The introduction of a bespoke advanced online ordering system has helped Carillion to drive standardisation of catering products.
  • Results: The transactional costs of ordering have been significantly reduced and the consolidation of deliveries is saving around 9,000kgs of carbon a year.

 Case study: Supplying waste management services.

  • Innovation: Carillion undertook a 7 Step Sourcing process to select the most appropriate supplier on a nationwide basis.
  • Results: The new supplier, SITA UK, has increased recycling efficiency from 40% to 65%.

Case study: Suppliers involved with Quality Checks on Building Envelope installation.

  • Innovation: Envelope installation suppliers agreed to monthly audits by system manufacturers. The audits were developed and standardised by Carillion Technical Services. 
  • Results: The defect rate has been reduced by 50% and is now well below the industry benchmark. 

Case study: Supplier works with Carillion to optimise supply chain for waste hauling in

  • Innovation: Wasteco worked with Carillion to set benchmarks for services and rates for haulers that supply a Carillion subsidiary in Canada. 
  • Results: There has been a 40% saving across the board following renegotiations conducted by Wasteco with the various haulers.

Case study: Supplier takes initiative in recycling in Abu Dhabi.

  • Innovation: At one of our work sites in Abu Dhabi, a team including Al Falah Ready Mix came up with the idea of re-using waste crushed concrete as aggregate in the concrete mix used in building temporary facilities. Nobody had tried this before in the UAE.
  • Results: The mix has 82% recycled content by mass (76% by volume). An estimated 700m3 of recycled concrete will be used over a 5000 m2 area. At the end of the job the concrete will again be recycled.