Sustainability - Our 2020 Sustainability Strategy

Our 2020 Sustainability Strategy

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We want to make tomorrow a better place. This means doing things sustainably.

We aim to deliver sustainable solutions that not only help our customers to meet their objectives but also contribute to creating a low carbon economy and supporting thriving, vibrant communities.

We create lasting benefits through developing skills and employment opportunities, minimising environmental impacts and improving local prosperity.

We share knowledge and work closely with customers and suppliers to deliver sustainable solutions that reach beyond our immediate operations. As a partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School we are working to help construction suppliers and subcontractors develop their sustainability knowledge and competence. 

Low carbon operations are increasingly important for our customers and we can contribute to this by using our sustainable design and delivery expertise. Alongside other industry leaders, we committed to cut 24 million tonnes of carbon from infrastructure contracts by 2050 as a result of the UK Infrastructure Carbon Review.

In our own operations we are working to become carbon neutral by 2015. This involves developing a complete view of the direct and indirect carbon emissions from our global operations. Our commitment to transparency and improvement contributed to our highest ever Carbon Disclosure Project (CPD) score in 2014.

Carillion's 2020 Sustainability Strategy, which has been developed with support from Forum for the Future, is built around what we have described as our 'Six Positive Outcomes', which encompasses Carillion's economic, environmental, and social contributions and impacts.

We launched our 2020 Sustainability Strategy during Carillion's Sustainability Week in 2011, after reviewing our business and engaging with our stakeholders. They build on our sustainability achievements to date and provide direction for the next decade.

Engaging with our stakeholders

Our stakeholders include our people, clients, shareholders and investors, supplier partners, charities, industry organisations and people living in the communities where we operate.

We involve stakeholders in developing and reviewing our 2020 sustainability strategy, in deciding which issues to focus on, and in sustainability initiatives.

Our Group-wide employee survey, YourSay, gives participants the opportunity to vote on big issues that will influence the future of the company, and let senior management know what really matters to them, anonymously. The overall feedback is reviewed by the Chief Executive Leadership Team, with each business unit developing action plans for improvement.

We deploy a variety of methods and local languages to convey our sustainability priorities. Formally, business Unit Steering Groups and Working Groups make sure businesses have a plan to implement the 2020 strategy, while informally, a highlight was our Group-wide Sustainability Week.

Integrity and ethics

Based on our tried, tested, trusted approach to sustainability, we know good governance and integrity can be critical. Policies, processes and clear lines of management are not about box-ticking at Carillion.

They ensure a level playing field and keep us on track. They help us reduce risk and give clarity to staff, clients and contractors and they also help us meet and exceed regulations like the UK Corporate Governance Code (September 2014).

We have high expectations of those who work with and for us. Our integrity and reputation depend on each one of us acting with honesty and making good moral judgements. Our Group Ethics and Business Integrity Policy applies to every single Carillion business. It is overseen by the Business Integrity Committee of the Carillion plc board

Our policy is that everyone who works with Carillion, does so with high ethical and moral standards. This includes our people, our suppliers and our customers. Carillion holds the prestigious Investing in Integrity (IiI) Charter Mark, proving that we commit to acting with integrity at all times.

Our Business Integrity Committee oversees the implementation of the Group's Ethics and Business Integrity Policy. The policy applies to all Carillion businesses. The Committee also monitors compliance with legislation such as the UK Bribery Act 2010 and the Competition Act 2006. It is supported by an Ethics and Compliance Office, and our Directors and senior managers complete annual compliance returns.

We maintain an Ethics and Business Integrity Response Plan, outlining our actions in the event of a suspected policy breach. It ensures investigations are conducted fairly and impartially.

We absolutely prohibit bribery or corruption of any kind. Our Disciplinary Policy mandates employees to report any suspected unethical behaviour. Gifts, hospitality and conflicts of interest must be declared and documented. Fraud is actively addressed through stringent internal audit. Independent representatives investigate any allegations and report outcomes to the Audit Committee.

Find out more about our Sustainability Governance in our latest Sustainability Report.