Our 2020 Sustainability Strategy - Our Priorities

Our Priorities

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Our Six Positive Outcomes reflect Carillion's key sustainability issues that we identified as important to our stakeholders and to our business.

Our Sustainability diagram, shown below, lists the six positive outcomes and the 12 issues identified as Carillion's sustainability priorities and shows how each outcome is interdependent and supported by the others.

 Sustainability Diagram (Small)


Summary of Positive Outcomes

Enable low carbon economies Enabling low-carbon economies
- Reduction and offsetting
- Design
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Provide better prospects for our people  Providing better prospects for our people
- Health and safety
- Our people
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Protect the environment Protecting the environment
- Biodiversity
- Resource use
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 Lead the way in our sector Leading the way in our sector
- Customer
- Supply chain
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Support sustainable communities Supporting sustainable communities
- Training and employment
- Community needs
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 Build a successful business Building a successful business
- Governance
- Shareholder value
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