Our 2020 Sustainability Strategy - Targets


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The tables below show our performance targets, both short-term and long term, for each of our 6 positive outcomes. For more details about our progress and targets for 2015, please visit our latest Sustainability Report.

"Challenging targets are key to our vision of being a leading sustainable business and delivering our 2020 Sustainability Strategy." 

- David Picton, Carillion Chief Sustainability Officer

David Picton

Build a successful business

Building a successful business

Measure 2015 target Long term target
Carillion will reduce cost and increase profitability by: £32.5 million £40 million by 2020


Enable low carbon economies

Enabling low-carbon economies

Measure 2015 target Long term target
Reducing our carbon footprint (against a 2011 normalised baseline) 20% reduction 24% reduction by 2020
Reducing gas consumption from Carillion offices (against a 2011 degree days normalised baseline) 20% reduction 20% reduction by 2015
Reducing electricity consumption from Carillion offices (against a 2011 baseline) 20% reduction 20% reduction by 2015
% of contracts to have a Carbon Reduction Plan 100% Maintain at 100%


Protect the environment

Protecting the environment

Measure 2015 target Long term target
% of waste diverted from landfill 98% (zero waste)* Zero waste to landfill
Reduce water consumption (2012 baseline) 25% reduction 25% reduction by 2015
% sourced timber that meets FSC or equivalent standards 100% Maintain at 100%

 * 2% of our waste is hazardous or non-recyclable therefore a 98% diversion rate is equivalent to zero waste to landfill.

Support sustainable communities

Supporting sustainable communities

Measure 2015 target Long term target
% local spend including SMEs in the UK 60% 60% by 2015
% of Carillion apprentices who complete their framework having an employment outcome 90% 95% by 2020
% of contracts having a Community Needs Plan 100% Maintain at 100%
% of pre-tax profits donated to community activities either in cash or kind 1% 1%
% of schools, unemployed and hard to reach* groups to develop skills to enter employment 10% Maintain at 10%

* Hard to reach covers a wide range of groups and are those with real or perceived barriers to engagement/employment.

Provide better prospects for our people

Providing better prospects for our people

Measure 2015 target Long term target
% reduction in All Accident Frequency Rate (AAFR) against a 2011 baseline 56% 70% by 2020
% of employees feel proud to be part of Carillion according to the Carillion Great Debate survey 75% 80% by 2020
% of employees utilise the Carillion special leave policy for community engagement in areas where we work 22% 50% by 2020


Lead the way in our sector

Leading the way with our customers and suppliers

Measure 2015 target Long term target
Maintain Level 4 of Sustainable Procurement Task Force Flexible Framework and work towards Level 5 Level 5 Level 5 by 2015
% of suppliers to respond positively to sourcing materials and products from responsible and ethical sources   40% 100% by 2020


For more information about our 2020 Sustainability Strategy, our targets or progress, you can email us at sustainability@carillionplc.com and we will do our best to provide you with the information requested.