Our Six Positive Outcomes - Enabling low-carbon economies

Enabling Low-carbon Economies

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Enable low carbon economies
Our services will help Carillion's customers work towards minimising carbon, so together we become the lowest carbon producers in our respective sectors.

Carillion's carbon footprint includes direct and indirect emissions from our operations, across all our regions. We have reduced our carbon footprint by 31% in 2015 against a 2011 baseline (normalised).

This is largely due to efforts across the business to reduce energy consumption and emissions arising from the operation of our facilities, fleet and business travel. Our Carbon Policy (PDF 108 KB) outlines how we will reduce our energy and consumption arising from the operation of our facilities, vehicle fleet, business travel and from our customers and supply chain.

Our aim is to:

  • avoid unnecessary carbon emissions;
  • reduce unavoidable carbon emissions by introducing technology and better planning;
  • provide efficiencies on client projects;
  • source low-carbon products and services, including renewable energy; and
  • assess the embedded carbon of the products we use.

Find out more about low-carbon innovations in our sustainability report.