About the one million barriers campaign

What is the one million barriers campaign?

Our ‘breaking down one million barriers to opportunity’ campaign is an international commitment across our operations in the UK, Middle East and Canada to inspire people to overcome barriers to employment opportunities, which prevent them from fulfilling their potential.

We aim to have made a positive impact by 2030 on one million people to enhance their employability prospects.

Why does this matter to Carillion?

Skills development is an international issue. Many countries are seeking ways to help their population acquire the skills necessary for the modern world and, in some cases plug existing or emerging skills gaps.

In the UK the government’s Industrial Strategy makes specific reference to helping people and businesses thrive.

Key enablers include ensuring people have the basic skills needed in a modern economy, building brand new systems of technical education (particularly for young people not attending university), boosting STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths), digital and numeracy skills and by raising skill levels in lagging areas.

Carillion, like many other employers, requires STEM qualifications up to Level 4 for a variety of our engineering positions. Addressing the shortage of STEM skills is of immediate concern across the wider construction and services industry.

Extensive studies and research demonstrate the benefits of a more diverse and inclusive workforce. There are increasing requirements from clients to show positive social impacts when bidding for work. Further studies reveal essential improvements needed in generating trust in business through proactive engagements with local communities and the wider society.

Our Partnership of Equals research from 2016 also show the benefits and importance of skills-based volunteering – with particularly positive impacts on community groups.

How will we do it?

We aim to break down one million barriers to opportunity through direct activities of our employees across international operations, plus various participations with client and supplier teams. We also provide a call to action for other companies and organisations who are inspired to commit to the programme.

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