One million barriers FAQs

How do I contact Carillion regarding the campaign?
Please email us at

What is the ‘breaking down one million barriers’ campaign?
The campaign is an international commitment across our operations in the UK, Middle East and Canada to inspire people to consider our sector as a career choice and help them overcome barriers (or obstacles) to employment opportunities.

We want to have a positive impact by 2030 on one million people to improve their employability prospects.

What is the pledge?
Carillion has a sustainability strategy, which covers three areas – Better Environment, Better Communities and Better Business.

Within the ‘Better Communities’ pillar we are launching our commitment to ‘break down one million barriers’ to opportunity by 2030 through positive encounters with the world of work.

Why is Carillion taking this lead?
At Carillion we believe that everyone should have an equal chance of improving their position in society, regardless of social background, through positive encounters with the world of work.

What exactly do you mean by ‘barriers’?
We define ‘breaking down barriers’ as the provision of help, inspiration, support or skills through positive, active engagements.

These activities will include volunteering support, but may also include more structured programmes such as apprenticeships or skills investments.

Our target audience will include school students, people from disadvantaged or excluded groups, unemployed people, career-changers, those wanting to re-skill and our own employees who are seeking skills development or assistance in overcoming barriers to progress.

What do you hope to achieve through this campaign?
The impact will vary depending on the barrier but we hope that we could positively impact a number of areas, including careers advice in schools, more opportunities for females in engineering roles and job coaching for ex-offenders.

What will the programme look like?
The breaking down one million barriers to opportunity campaign brings together a range of existing activities into a co-ordinated programme. It also sets goals and targets and identifies some new areas of activities.

We are encouraging clients and supplier partners to become involved alongside us, learning from their existing work and plans as well. We will track the ‘barriers’ we break down and publish our progress as the programme evolves.

Outside of Carillion we want this to spark wider conversations about helping people break down barriers and lead a national debate.

What examples has Carillion achieved so far in this area?
These are just some of the areas that Carillion is already involved in:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Engagement with young people in relation to careers advice and activities
  • Mentoring and work experience
  • Placements for disadvantaged groups
  • Work placements for ex servicemen

Will you actually get a million opportunities by 2030?
Yes, we currently achieve about 52,000 opportunities a year through Carillion and our partners. This will be stepped up as we get more people engaged, we estimate we could increase this and achieve around 85,000 opportunities per year in 2030.

How can I get involved?
Subscribe using the button below. We’ll email you updates on the campaign, plus tailored advice on how you can get involved.

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