Our Sustainability Strategy

We are making tomorrow a better place through our 2020 Sustainability Strategy.

We continue to build a successful business by delivering on our six positive outcomes. They support profitable, sustainable growth and underpin our values as a responsible business.

Our 2020 Sustainability Strategy was launched in 2011. It is owned by our Board of Directors and delivered at all operational levels through robust governance.

Our six positive outcomes

Our six positive outcomes guide our strategy. We set clear targets for each outcome, which we review annually.

> Enabling low-carbon economies

Our services will help Carillion’s customers work towards minimising carbon, so together we become the lowest carbon producers in our respective sectors.

Find out more about our approach to carbon here.

> Protecting the environment

We will work with our customers and suppliers to be best in class in reducing waste, managing use of water and raw materials, and protecting biodiversity wherever we operate.

Find out more about our approach to environmental management here.

> Supporting sustainable communities

Our leadership in creating employment and skills opportunities, coupled with our understanding of communities’ needs, will have a significant and net positive contribution everywhere we work.

Find out more about community activities and partnerships in our sustainability report.

> Providing better prospects for our people

We will maximise the prospects of our people by offering opportunities for continual learning and development, and create safe, healthy places to work.

Find out more about how we do this.

> Leading the way in our sector

We will be recognised as the benchmark in sustainability and innovation, in turn driving demand as the service provider of choice for customers.

We work together with customers and suppliers to find mutually beneficial and dynamic solutions – find out more here.

> Building a successful business

We will increase shareholder value through our sector leadership and focus on profit contribution through sustainable efficiencies, value creation and waste elimination.

Engaging with our stakeholders

Our stakeholders include our people, clients, shareholders and investors, supplier partners, charities, industry organisations and people living in the communities where we operate.

We involve stakeholders in developing and reviewing our 2020 sustainability strategy, in deciding which issues to focus on, and in sustainability initiatives.

Our Group-wide employee survey, YourSay, gives participants the opportunity to vote on big issues that will influence the future of the company, and let senior management know what really matters to them, anonymously. The overall feedback is reviewed by the Chief Executive Leadership Team, with each business unit developing action plans for improvement.

We deploy a variety of methods and local languages to convey our sustainability priorities. Formally, business Unit Steering Groups and Working Groups make sure businesses have a plan to implement the 2020 strategy, while informally, a highlight was our Group-wide Sustainability Week.

Robust sustainability governance

Carillion has put in place comprehensive policies, management structures and processes to achieve it. They help us to maintain effective controls, accountability and risk management. They are applied rigorously to comply with the UK Corporate Governance Code (September 2014). Every year, our Chairman and Company Secretary conduct a formal evaluation of the Board, its committees, their procedures and performance.

Our sustainability governance ensures our operations, targets and plans are managed and delivered in a consistent, responsible and transparent way.

Find out more about sustainability governance.

Integrity and ethics

Based on our tried, tested, trusted approach to sustainability, we know good governance and integrity can be critical. Policies, processes and clear lines of management are not about box-ticking at Carillion.

They ensure a level playing field and keep us on track. They help us reduce risk and give clarity to staff, clients and contractors and they also help us meet and exceed regulations like the UK Corporate Governance Code (September 2014).

Find out more about integrity and ethics.

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