Providing better prospects for our people

We will maximise the prospects of our people by offering opportunities for continual learning and development, and create safe, healthy places to work.


We are certified to the BS OHSAS 18001 standard for health and safety management. This applies to all our operations in the UK, the Middle East and North Africa. Every contract is assessed for health and safety risks, from design and delivery to customer use. Point of Work Risk Assessments help reduce risks to our people and those in our supply chain.

Senior managers regularly visit contracts to review health and safety. We make sure that everyone understands our health and safety policy. We do this through communications campaigns and training. A dedicated hotline in the UK and Canada helps employees to report any incident or near- miss.

We make sure that everyone understands our health and safety policy (PDF 816 KB). This is done through communications campaigns and formal training. In the UK and Canada we have a dedicated phone number for reporting any incident or near–miss.

We have a range of risk evaluation processes from design through delivery and right up to Point of Work Risk Assessments. These address risks to both the health and safety of our people and those working for us through our supply chain.

Our ARK performance model assessment allows us to evaluate our systems and behaviours against our vision of excellence. It measures performance in three key areas:

  • PEOPLE, including leadership, engagement, culture, competence, supply chain, health and wellbeing;
  • PROCESS, including governance, compliance and continuous improvement; and
  • PERFORMANCE, including health and safety performance against key performance indicators.

We use ARK to benchmark current performance in a particular part of the business and to set targets and plans for improvement.


We know that by recruiting and nurturing a diverse workforce we are better able to meet the needs of our diverse customer base and the communities in which we operate. We monitor recruitment across Carillion, including applicant diversity and new recruits, through our Group-wide recruitment system and our in-house, experienced professionals.

This enables us to tackle barriers to diversity that may exist within the recruitment process. SkyBlue, our recruitment arm, works closely with our customers and local employment partners to reach marginalised groups. This includes empowering minority ethnic groups and those from socially deprived backgrounds. The team, under the guidance of Inclusion Manager David Massingham, has also achieved the Equality and Clear Assured status for the second year running, following the annual European Quality Assurance audit.

In Canada, we are giving significant programme support for aboriginal communities and businesses, while in the UK we are tackling industry gender stereotypes through schools, apprenticeships and Board-led Gender Pathways programmes. We believe that inspiring more women to pursue careers at Carillion will help us grow our business through a range of programmes.

We believe that inspiring more women to pursue senior management roles will help us to significantly grow our business. Our Leadership Team has set detailed and grade-specific Gender Pathways targets including:

  • an additional 50 female leadership appointments;
  • increasing female graduate intake to 50%;
  • reaching our female alumni population to attract them back; and
  • developing a female succession forum and targeting the development of 312 female middle managers.

Recruiting talent

We aim to recruit from our existing staff where possible and advertise all roles internally for a minimum of two weeks. Our next step is to recruit people locally, supporting local economies, reducing costs and carbon through commuting and strengthening community relationships.

We strive to treat all job applicants fairly and to eliminate any bias or unlawful discrimination. All our managers receive guidance and training on how to tackle unconscious bias and consider each applicant on merit alone.

Human rights

All our sites have Site Safety Action Groups, which include employees and sub-contractors, these provide another forum where concerns regarding accommodation, food, health and safety can be raised and discussed at a site level.

Tier 2 are the subcontractors that are not employed directly but are employed by one of Carillion’s direct subcontractors. By us improving the living standards of these people we have also improved the living conditions of our subcontractors as a whole.

We continue to ensure that our employees are paid in accordance with contractual obligations and local Labour Law. In addition to their base pay they also receive other contractual entitlements. This includes flights home, holiday pay, health insurance arrangements, and accommodation and food. For our employees, we provide recreational areas and online communication with friends and family. We hold regular meetings with accommodation providers to review any concerns and create action plans to ensure these are addressed. Where accommodation is provided by suppliers, we carry out audits to ensure they comply with our standards.

Find out more about our efforts to maximise the prospects of our people in our latest sustainability report.

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