Our commitments

Our ‘Partnership of Equals’ research and report revealed a mismatch between businesses and charities or community groups: 57% of community groups and charities didn’t really understand how businesses could help them, and 68% of businesses didn’t really understand what community groups and charities need.

The research highlighted some of the actions being taken to bridge the gap, and part of our call to action was a ‘pledge page’ where community groups, businesses and charities could share what they are doing to tackle this mismatch.

Pledges could be as simple as a commitment to review how an organisation works with other groups, or a promise to increase the amount of paid volunteer time – whatever might be relevant and achievable for that particular organisation, whichever side of the partnership it operates on.

Our own commitments are to:

  • Create a national network of at least 50 strategic charity ‘ambassadors’ across our UK operations (they will improve communications, support regional network events and match Carillion volunteers to appropriate skills-based opportunities).
  • Complete a skills audit across Carillion to identify and record our ‘skills cache’.
  • Develop and trial an appropriate platform for skills-need matching as a brokerage service
  • Test the effectiveness of our network, audit and platform with 5 national charities
  • Assess the scope and options for establishing a wider brokerage service.

Whatever you can commit to, please share it here and help to create more Partnerships of Equals.

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