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Our ‘Partnership of Equals’ report revealed a mismatch between businesses and charities or community groups. But the report also highlighted some of the actions which all sides could take to help bridge the gaps.

Many of the people who took part in the research and follow-up events told us what the organisations they worked for are already doing.

We promised to create a pledge page where others could publish simple pledges as a call to action.

The pledge may be as simple as committing to maximising how you work with other groups or businesses or committing to increase the amount of paid time people get to volunteer.

Whatever it is, submit your pledge, and help create that Partnership of Equals

Submit your pledge now.


“We pledge to create more places that care for those in need across the UK by encouraging more people to volunteer professional skills and offer building materials. CRASH will forge further partnerships between the construction industry and the charity sector to achieve this, and will communicate the real, lasting impacts on people’s lives.”

“We pledge to continue to work across Stockport, with local businesses, organisations and community group to provide them with the space and support to develop mutually beneficial relationships that benefit both the local community and local business. Through our work, we aim to continue to enable local people, from all backgrounds and abilities, to use their experiences, skills and knowledge to develop kind and thoughtful communities where skills development and employment opportunities can be developed.”

“We pledge to work with communities and carers to build their capacity and resilience to care for those at the end of life and to empower a strong, dynamic and responsive hospice sector fit for the future so that together we can transform more lives and ensure hospice care for every person in need.”

“BITC fully endorse the findings of the Partnership of Equals report. Our long-term relationship with Carillion is a living and breathing example of the principle of Partnership of Equals. As an organisation, we work collaboratively with businesses to deliver a fairer society through responsible business practices. We pledge to step up our support to businesses in developing their own community investment strategies to enable them to respond to this research and attain the benefits; both values related and commercial that can be gained through effective work with community partners.”

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