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Since 2008

The challenge

Since September 2008 Carillion has delivered a range of Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) and property services to Nationwide Building Society across the UK, with the contract and relationship developing significantly. We are now working together to transform delivery as part of a seamless strategy to deliver quality service to their customers whilst improving value for money.

Nationwide expects us to continuously think innovatively and to constantly review delivery methodology and we are proud to be rising to this challenge. In terms of measuring delivery, we know that Nationwide’s customers are our end-user customers. What they say matters.

We have also been challenged to support Nationwide workforce initiatives, which allow employees to adopt more agile working, with flexible FM and IT solutions.

The solutions we created

Carillion is highly flexible in anticipating and responding to client requirements in evolving markets. We have a track record as a safe pair of hands through mobilisation and transition periods. We have the ability to migrate seamlessly at speed to a new delivery model without compromising business continuity. Initially, our contract covered delivery of Total Facilities Management (TFM) services to the non-branch properties, including corporate HQ, administration offices, data centres, contact centres and warehousing facilities, with a geographical spread from Bournemouth to Dunfermline.

Our contract was extended in 2009 following the merger of Nationwide with the Derbyshire & Cheshire Building Societies, and again in 2010 with the acquisition of Dunfermline Building Society, bringing the total number of properties managed by Carillion to 26, covering 188,300m².

In 2010, Nationwide tendered the contract for the entire branch and non-branch estate. Carillion secured a TFM contract with lifecycle responsibility, significant year-on-year savings and a contractual commitment to enhance the customer experience in a measurable way. The contract now comprises 865 buildings, mostly retail outlets, covering 233,000m² including a third, highly critical, data centre. An extension in 2012 resulting in a Deed of Amendment ensured services continue to be delivered by Carillion until March 2016.

Our approach tailors service levels and measures according to footfall, financial trading and building criticality. We introduced Continuous Improvement Lean practices with a series of training programmes and more communication with front-line delivery staff. This has enabled the identification of de-risked initiatives.

Outcomes, benefits & social value

We have helped Nationwide to reach a new standard of quality and service that is evidenced by improved internal customer satisfaction.

Since our relationship began we have delivered circa 16% in base operating costs by constantly challenging delivery methodologies and remaining flexible to the changing demands.

We have delivered an 11% reduction in services energy consumption. The strategies we employ to drive long-term CO2 reductions and energy savings include an energy focused maintenance programme, selected capital investment that optimises plant energy performance and an ‘Energy Bureau’ that tracks and monitors energy consumption across the estate in real time. All are designed to enable us to achieve our further target of a 15% reduction in energy use.

We have contributed to Nationwide doubling its lead as top performer for combined service satisfaction against their peer group. Nationwide is benchmarked each month by an independent national surveyor. The October 2011 survey results showed a lead of 3.3% against the nearest competitor.

Carillion supports the roll out of the Strategic Wi-Fi platform across the retail estate including Nationwide ATMs and IT services. We manage annual benchmarking against similar organisations to NBS to demonstrate competitiveness within the FM market.


Nationwide and Carillion were jointly named FM Team of the Year in the People category of the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) FM 2015 awards

Nigel Taylor, Managing Director Carillion Services said:

“These awards reflect the vital role of Facilities Management in ensuring and creating the long-term value of the UK private and public sector infrastructure. They also celebrate the importance of the quality of the relationships between clients, customers and service providers in generating replicable solutions that lead to sustainable business growth.”

Accepting the award on behalf of Nationwide, James Domm, Head of Service Delivery said:

“’Nationwide have been partnering with Carillion for several years and the services provided to our branch network have gone from strength to strength. Not only do Carillion provide a great core service but we have a cultural alignment which means we are able to focus on the same things and drive consistent improvement together – this award is testament to the tireless work the whole team do, day in day out and 24/7, to enhance the customer experience’.”


·         Raised overall customer satisfaction by 6.1 percent to 82.8 percent from 2014

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