Nadeem Bhatti is a 3D Visualisation Specialist within Carillion Construction Services. Nadeem turns plans into 3D images and uses animation to bring concepts to life.

“I turn concepts and plans into 3D visuals that people want to see: fly-throughs, drive-throughs and animations.”

Recently a colleague came to me with a rough diagram of a security bunker and asked me to make it exciting. I developed a story animation, with a guy driving from his house through the desert to the bunker, and from there into a safe house.

I also recently produced a 3D model over some aerial footage. We used a drone to capture some high resolution aerial footage of the requested site.

This was then imported into our tracking software, which allowed us then to accurately place the 3D model within its proposed environment. From here, we were able to provide a high resolution rendered movie file back to the client.

I do this kind of thing for projects all over the world, including the Middle East and Africa. It’s like creating a commercial for our designs. It helps the customer interpret and understand them and see the concept come to life.

“I used to work in 2D but found it unrewarding. The 3D technology is changing and evolving all the time.”

What used to take two days can now be done at the click of a button. The latest machines can render thousands of frames in situations where it used to take twice as long. It frees up a lot more time to be creative.

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