Infrastructure Delivery and Maintenance

We have an exceptional track record of delivering and maintaining infrastructure across the UK, Canada and MENA region, encompassing civil engineering, rail and highways projects, with an absolute focus on safety, quality and sustainability.

Civil engineering

At the core of our civil engineering capability is our commitment to delivering innovative solutions to complex problems through the expertise and talent of our people.

Our civil engineering experience covers everything from flood defences to nuclear decommissioning, and from transport improvements to water and effluent treatment upgrades.

Working with both public and private sector clients, we have a proven track record of delivering award-winning major civil engineering projects safely, sustainability, and in close collaboration and consultation with local communities.

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We create and maintain safe strategic road networks: the key enablers of a nation’s economic growth and quality of life.

In the UK, the strategic road network is at the core of our national transport system. Its many arteries connect our major towns and cities, taking commuters to work and enabling millions of us to visit our friends and families.

We are Canada’s largest highway maintenance service provider, maintaining and protecting approximately 40,000 kilometres of highways across Ontario and Alberta, and providing year-round routine and preventative maintenance services.

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Carillion is helping to provide faster, safer and more reliable rail journeys.

We are contributing to the creation of a railway infrastructure fit for the 21st century. We provide integrated solutions for track, signalling, telecommunications, power (Overhead Line Equipment or OLE), civil engineering and building projects across the rail infrastructure network, offering certainty of delivery and the highest standards of quality and safety.

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