We create and maintain safe strategic road networks: the key enablers of a nation’s economic growth and quality of life.

In the UK, the strategic road network is at the core of our national transport system. Its many arteries connect our major towns and cities, taking commuters to work and enabling millions of us to visit our friends and families.

We design, build and maintain all aspects of the road network. Our work runs from scheme development and statutory processes to construction and asset management.

Through the Collaborative Delivery Framework we are working with Highways England to deliver the road investment strategy, an ambitious vision for a smoother, smarter and more sustainable UK network by 2040.

We are helping to modernise, maintain and operate the network by:

  • developing a national spine of Smart Motorways and adding new capacity at key points on the network
  • designing our work in a way that improves productivity and minimises disruption
  • improving information to help people make better decisions before and during their journeys.

Smart Motorways use technology to manage congestion

Through our projects in Wales and Scotland we are delivering transformative pieces of infrastructure whilst providing employment for local communities and supply chain opportunities for regional businesses.

By implementing our customers’ strategic business and delivery plans we are regenerating communities, stimulating economic growth and building a better road network for everyone.

Sustainable highway maintenance in Canada

We are Canada’s largest highway maintenance service provider, maintaining and protecting approximately 40,000 kilometres of highways across Ontario and Alberta, and providing year-round routine and preventative maintenance services.

We have supported and initiated positive sustainable change within the industry. Our efforts in salt and fuel management have reduced environmental impact. We are North America’s largest user of Tow Plow technology – a snow-clearing method offering increased efficiency plus lower fuel and capital investment costs.


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