Property Asset Management

Carillion’s Property Asset Management team focuses on transforming your property portfolio into a fit-for-purpose estate that enables sustainable, customer-focused service-delivery for your organisation.

We take a comprehensive view of the property or portfolio to maximise value, reduce costs and increase investment and community returns.

Our Strategic Asset Management team is experienced and flexible, working with you and your teams to understand objectives of the property portfolio. We then develop and implement a bespoke strategy to fit your requirements- identifying innovation solutions through preparing business plans, implementing value enhancing initiatives, portfolio reviews and surveys.

In the public sector, we emphasise front-line services and how they are supported through the property estate.  We align the operational property portfolio with future service requirements, thereby delivering improved outcomes, impacting revenue budgets in terms of reducing operating costs or increased returns, better quality accommodation, more productive staff and satisfied customers.

Our results are:

  • income generation and investment performance
  • unlocking the embedded value to support further transformation & growth
  • transforming the property estate to meet rapidly changing business objectives
  • cost reduction & savings
  • organisational growth
  • greater service improvements or service redesign.

Our Estates Management team aligns the management of the portfolio to the wider strategic aims and initiatives of the business whilst providing a high standard of management to each property or portfolio.

We provide management in:

  • landlord/tenant relationships
  • leases and head leases
  • service charges
  • lease events including rent reviews and disposals
  • budgeting and forecasting and benchmarking your property portfolio
  • financial management
  • day-to-day management.

Our Estate Management teams draw on Carillion’s deep experience in building operations & maintenance, facilities management, health & safety and environmental and risk management to create a truly integrated property management solution that enhances and adds value to your portfolio.

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