Carillion, with our delivery partner, telent, holds the largest telecommunications service contract in the United Kingdom.

Carillion and telent together provide a joined up solution to the design, installation, commission, support and maintenance challenges of telecoms networks.

Our relationship with Openreach, BT’s enterprise delivery business, began in 2008. Since then, Carillion telent have been delivering ever-more complex connectivity to businesses and homes throughout the UK.

Our key services are civil engineering works and cable installation. We bring our skills to copper cable provision, pole installation and replacement, fibre optic connections to business premises, cable recovery, safety and security work and repairs.

We are helping to expand capacity through the installation or upgrading of street cabinets and doing all associated connection work.

We have been the largest civil engineering and cable installation service provider to the highly successful roll-out of UK superfast broadband which now covers 90% of the UK.

Responding to developing needs

The telecommunications market has changed dramatically over the last few years. There is no longer a broad divide between landline communication suppliers and media-rich service suppliers.

Market competitiveness, and the desire for ever greater data quantity and speeds, is driving the whole supply chain. Carillion telent has responded by continuously investing in and improving the data, information and delivery platforms, systems and processes that serve our telecommunication customers.

Supply chain partners

Our suppliers are the key to our success. We have invested in our supply chain management teams to ensure that our suppliers are fully connected to our processes and systems, and can play their part in our combined growth and success.

Our telecommunications supply chain is unmatched and serves the entire UK, including its most remote places.

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