Supplier Payment Guide

Carillion is committed to paying our suppliers in accordance with agreed payment terms. In order to avoid unnecessary delays and any processing difficulties, it is essential that processes are followed and consideration should also given to some of the tools we have to help improve payment performance.


It is vital that the following points are followed to ensure the expedient processing and payment of invoices:

a)    Ensure that you receive and use a valid Purchase Order (PO) from Carillion before work commences

  • No invoice or application can be processed without a valid purchase order number.
  • Purchase Orders must be approved before being released.
  • Additional work over and above the original order value, must also be approved in advance.
  • Certain areas of the business allow emergency commitment of orders as part of the “Out of Hours” service. If you have an agreed framework to work “Out of Hours”, please ensure that you receive your order details by the following working day.
  • Please ensure that your invoice clearly states the agreed purchase order number.
  • Please do not accept verbal order numbers or orders in the “name” of a Carillon employee.
  • Validate whether an order quoted is valid and approved. On Tradex (see 3 below) you will be able to validate this at the point of submission.

The following provides a high level structure of the potential order formats that Carillion issue. If you receive an order which does not follow this format please query with the site issuing the order.

  • Eight Numeric Characters – nnnnnnnn
  • Four Alpha Numeric / Four Numeric – aaaa/nnnn
  • Four Alpha Numeric / Two Alpha Numeric / Six Numeric – aaaa/aa/nnnnnn
  • Four Alpha Numeric / One Alpha Numeric / Three Numeric – aaaa/a/nnn
  • Six Alpha Numeric / One Alpha Numeric / Three Numeric – aaaaaa/a/nnn
  • Four Alpha Numeric Seven Numeric – aaaannnnnnn

(n = Number, a = Letter)

  • The only time that an order is not required is if you are paid in advance or on delivery via purchase card.

b) Ensure that your Invoice states the right Carillion legal entity and billing address

  • Please use the entity and invoice address quoted on the order provided. Applications is likely to be directed our site, however in most instances invoices should be directed to one our Wolverhampton PO Box addresses.
  • Please contact your commercial or supply chain lead if you feel the order is not clear with regard to the legal entity.

c) Ensure that your Accreditation is maintained

  • Carillion requires suppliers to complete our accreditation process to ensure that suppliers have been formally reviewed and meets Carillion’s required standards, especially relating to legislation.
  • No orders will be placed with an un-accredited supplier. The only exception to this is where the supplier has been on-boarded during a project or business mobilisation, where a small grace period will be allowed (normally 3-6 months).
  • Carillion accredits suppliers on a rolling 2-year basis, however, items such as self-billing and insurance will need to be validated upon the renewal date. It is important that your contact details are maintained.
  • Any queries should be directed to


In the event that there are any queries with an outstanding invoice, the following route should be taken:

  • All payment queries need to be directed to the Accounts Payable Helpdesk Team who can be contacted on 0800 030 4235 or email
  • If you feel that the issue has not been adequately resolved, please contact the person that raised the order, who will formally escalate this within Carillion.


Carillion has some tools to help support an improved invoicing process. These are available to all of our suppliers, should you wish to utilise them:

a) Utilise our Electronic Invoices platform (excluding applications under Building Industry Scheme).

The electronic invoice process provides a more efficient and effective way of processing invoices both for the supplier and Carillion, eliminating paper, postage costs and hand off issues.

Carillion offer electronic invoicing platforms (Tradex/Basware) which:

  • enables you as a supplier to send your invoices via the internet
  • provides a valid order structure to invoice against, providing instant feedback if any details are incorrect
  • removes the need to raise manual invoices. Once on-boarded it is imperative that no manual invoices are raised.

If you do have any issues submitting an invoice via the Tradex platform, please provide a screen shot, the order number and forward the rejection message to

b) Sign up to our Early Payment Facility (EPF).

Carillion over the last three years has strongly supported the UK Government’s supply chain finance initiative and we are the most successful and the largest support of this initiative within our sector.

Over 60% of our suppliers have now signed up to this facility, which provides both the opportunity for suppliers to be paid earlier and also to gain access to low-cost finance.

If you would like to find out more please click here.

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