Working with Carillion

We set best-in-class standards for health, safety and working conditions wherever we operate. We work closely with our supply chain partners to achieve this.

We place particular emphasis on these areas:

Our Values

We work with suppliers who support our Values. Our Values are at the heart of everything we do. They define the way we behave towards each other as well as with our customers and partners. Our Values are how we think. They shape the culture, character and beliefs of our business.

Sustainable procurement

We look for suppliers whose sustainable business practices will help us reach our sustainability targets. Our Sustainable Supplier Charter ensures our commitment to sustainable procurement.

We also expect all suppliers to meet high ethical standards and to support increasing transparency in the supply chain.

Find out more about our sustainability strategy. 

Health & Safety

Our goal is zero reportable accidents. We encourage contractors and sub-contractors to report ‘Don’t Walk Bys’ and implement ‘Target Zero’ into their own working practices.

Value creation

For the future growth of our business, we engage with suppliers who can help us create additional value through innovation and cost savings.

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